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Peak Season, LLC                        Fully Licensed & Insured                      In Business Since 2012
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Phone: (425) 390-4702

email: service@peakseasonaeration.com

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PO Box 176
Hobart, WA 98025
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                            Josh Shakespear
                            20 Years Professional Experience
                            5 Years Lawn Renovation Experience

                            My Bio:
                            I am a husband and father of three. I work full-time for Kaiser
                            Permanente (formerly Group Health) as a pharmacy technician. My hobbies
include: enjoying the great outdoors, being as self-sufficient as possible, wood working,
DIY projects, doing as much vehicle and machine maintenance as I can, gardening, and
spending time with family.
I operate Peak Season on the side each spring and fall to supplement income, to teach my
sons the value of work, and to provide job opportunities to others. Thank you for your
business. Serving you allows me to provide for my family, engage in my interests, and
bring our community closer together.
                          Lawn care Professional:
                          Brendon Shakespear

                          My Bio:
                          I am Josh's oldest son. I'm a full-time student at Tahoma High School and
                          am participating in the running start program at Green River Community
College. I am involved in Boy Scouts and have many responsibilities with church youth
group. I enjoy scouting, outdoor activities, service opportunities, and hard work.
I like working with my dad because I get to learn how I should take care of my lawn when I
am older. I always do the mowing at home and am excited to see your lawns and make
them beautiful.
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