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Chimney Sweep
(price depends on level of difficulty to access)
One Story Home - $165
Two Story Home - $225
-If the fireplace is used regularly, the chimney should be cleaned
of soot and ash every year.
-Build-up of soot in the chimney is a fire hazard, and restricts the
flow of smoke (which causes a dampering affect and lessens the
combustion properties of the fuel to burn efficiently).
Pressure Washing
(price depends on amount of cleaning required
and level of difficulty to access)
Patio/Decking - $50 to $100
Siding - $300 to $540
Roof - $500 to $950
Gutter Cleaning
(price depends on level of difficulty to access)
First Story - $155 per 100 ft
Second Story - $275 per 100 ft
-If downspouts are routed underground, the debris should be
removed prior to entering the downspout to avoid clogs.
-Gutters should be inspected for leaks, proper attachment to the
roof, and adequate slope for drainage.
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Associated Fees
Mileage Fee (for requesting services outside of service areas) - $30
Not Ready for Scheduled Service Fee (locked gate/clearing of excessive obstructions) - $10
Clean-up of excessive pet feces - $20
Late Payment - 10% every 30 days late
-Moss, lichen, and grime build-up on surfaces of the roof, siding,
patio, and walkways can cause water to pool, leading to leaks
and slippery surfaces, and promotes more rapid deterioration of
building materials.
-Keeping these areas clean not only maintains the beauty of
these structures, it also makes them last longer and provides a
safe environment.
EXTERIOR HOME MAINTENANCE (Click to order services)
Prevent major repairs and keep your home looking great by scheduling maintenance for the following
-Pressure Washing
-Gutter Cleaning
-Chimney Sweep

An exterior hose-bib must be available for pressure washing service.